it’s #bashment time. stretch up.

pomme 4th bday 2


pomme’s first performance was FOUR YEARS AGO!!! big tings, big tings. tink seh is time fi a next celebration.

put on your finest finery and join us as we toast pomme is french for apple’s fourth birthday on december 4th. in honour of pomme’s first ever showtime in 2010, we will do a fancy toast at ten pm. and no pomme bashment would be complete without brian butler’s taste sensations and uncle bunny’s famous rum punch inna di buildin, so you know seh dem ting deh a go deh deh. come catch a lime and a wine and mek wi bruk out and bubble and get on bad in a true pum pum styleeee.

thursday december 4
music: nino brown (YYY)
foods: brian butler cooks (@brianbutlercooks)
doors: 9:00
toast: 10:00 pm
396 college street
king’s landing barbershoppe
(but you dun kno it’s where the queens will be wilin for the night)